Life is a single-player game. Stop comparing your stats.

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“Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.”

The calmest mind in the industry of over-stimulation. Commerially licensed by TechCrunch via Flickr

“If you’re so smart and capable, why can’t you figure out how to…

Unpleasant realizations of someone who writes for a living

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1. Most successful writers write the same thing over and over again

“The surfaces of my novels are kind of… deceptive. People thin I keep moving on. Truth is, I keep writing the same thing over and over…

From a guy who sits for a living

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The problem with exercise

How to spot a book with no pages.

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Groups totalling 3.1 million people urge quitting Facebook and Instagram on the 10th of November

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“Some 13% of UK teenagers and 6% of US users surveyed traced a desire to kill themselves to Instagram.” (source)

How to waste 17 years of your life, a manual.

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Dreaming of a sports car.

Worshipping your relationships.

How nature’s weirdest biological feature shapes your body and mind

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“When you think about sleep as a state, it makes no sense. […] It’s almost idiotic. …

There’s a difference.

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Why idolizing intelligence is highly toxic

“Me at The Office.” Commercially licensed by Peter Lindberg via Flickr

Smart people are painfully aware of their own shortcomings

Alan Trapulionis

In quest of understanding how humans work.

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