From a recovering narcissist

The definitive trait that sets narcissists apart from other people is their compulsive need to be adored.

Narcissists, unlike psychopaths, are still very much human. They need to eat, sleep and socialize to be happy. They need careers and hobbies to feel fulfilled. But, above all, they need to be…

“When you sleep, your brain is figuring it out”

Someone else’s dream.

Dreaming about specific people is more common than you might think. Dr. Selterman’s research shows that about a quarter of reported dreams include romantic partners, and 13% even involve cheating.

Some scientists propose that dreams are merely a by-product of other processes happening in your brain while you’re asleep. Much…

What happened when the singer finally met the “someone” from “Someone like you”

Could’ve-been relationships hurt. Not necessarily because they leave us scarred. But because they leave us profoundly disappointed. From our perspective, some tiny anxiety had robbed us of a monumental, movie-adaptation-worthy love.

In such situations, one tends to listen to “Someone like you” by Adele. In case you didn’t have access…

“Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.”

Naval Ravikant may not be a billionaire, but he is successful by my standards. Why? Because, at 47, he smiles more than my 7-year-old brother.

Naval has had a pretty busy life. He’s the founder and ex-CEO of AngelList, reportedly a $100+ million company. He has invested early stage in…

Unpleasant realizations of someone who writes for a living

Writing is what pays my bills and fuels my dreams. Which means that I have to treat it as a job, or at least a competitive sport. Here are a few realizations I had after 2 years, 200+ articles and a couple million views.

1. Most successful writers write the same thing over and over again

Last night, I watched a discussion…

From a guy who sits for a living

I sit on my butt for a living. Sometimes, my sitting involves pressing buttons on the keyboard. At other times, sitting means reading the screen or listening to audio. Many times, I simply sit and stare through the window. There’s also sitting for transportation and entertainment.

At a recent point…

Groups totalling 3.1 million people urge quitting Facebook and Instagram on the 10th of November

That last piece of research Facebook suppressed regarding teen mental health seems to have broken the camel’s back. Multiple user surveys clearly showed that teenagers blame Instagram for their anxiety and depression problems. Facebook chose not to disclose these findings.

“Some 13% of UK teenagers and 6% of US users…

Alan Trapulionis

In quest of understanding how humans work.

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