Our Education System Is About to Enter a Massive Crisis

A warning for those who still believe their kids are in good hands

Alan Trapulionis


Photo by Matese Fields on Unsplash

I grew up without a father.

My mother did a great job substituting. But I had to piece together the image of masculinity all on my own.

In high school, I had teachers who helped me with that. I had a wonderful arts teacher who took on a somewhat fatherly role to me. He didn’t talk much about the subject matter. What he did was far more important: he talked about life.

He talked about relationships. He talked about money. He was the unfiltered, charismatic male figure so many of us were lacking access to at home.

Years went by. We haven’t stayed in touch.

Then, one time, I thought I recognized him at a small, obscure grocery store on the outskirts of the city. He turned away instantly, but I knew it was him. He was wearing a security guard’s uniform.

Bad luck, I thought back then. Shit happens. Life’s unfair. Isolated incident, nothing more.

Now I’m realizing that was just a small taste of an inevitable crisis.

It’s not about the money

It’s already happening. According to a recent survey, 48% of teachers are ready to give up on their jobs. About a third of them are considering changing careers entirely.

It’s not about the money. Teachers are simply done working under inhumane conditions.

The number one reason why teachers quit is lack of funding, according to the survey. Since the schools don’t pay for books, teachers have to either improvise or pay out of their own pocket. Which is an insult on its own.

The number two reason cited is student behavior. It’s getting worse. Especially in high schools, where students rarely face consequences for their actions. Teachers are tired of being bullied.

The third reason is listening to teachers’ concerns. Teachers are simply not being heard. Their ideas are being dismissed. Their needs are ridiculed. Their warnings are written off as paranoia. They feel helpless, irrelevant and forgotten.