Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about. The award winning part. It kind of comes naturally to some people-at least to me. I was once called an inborn liar, and I think they were spot on. When I choose to lie-or, more accurately, selectively twist the truth- it’s almost as if I forget that I’m actually not being genuine. And then it’s impossible to tell because people are looking at your face and they don’t see a trace of lying, so what I’m saying must be true. No guilt, no shame, no sweating, no microexpressions - when you believe you’re telling the truth, others believe it too. It’s probably one of the most lethal skills humans have evolved.

I think what makes narc a narc is that they use this skill to satisfy their immediate needs and desires by manipulating others.

The uncomfortable truth is that you can use this skill for something good. Acting being the most obvious example- imagine acting if people weren’t able to believe they “are” the character- but it definitely applies to most fields where social interaction is a prerequisite.

Tl;dr: it’s your choices that define who we really are, Harry, far more than our abilities

In quest of understanding how humans work.

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